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Relax on our large open decks and stroll the gardens to make the most of the setting. A spa on the open deck provides a therapeutic refreshing end of day experience. On a clear evening there is the chance to enjoy views of the Southern Hemisphere's stars. Alternatively, walk along a nearby beach in or perhaps catch a movie either at home or at the nearby Matakana Cinemas. In the morning enjoy a delicious breakfast in our dining room at the breakfast bar or out on the deck. 


  • オークランド空港からピックアップ、セラーホームステッドまでは$120、スカイシティー(オークランド市街地)からはお一人$100いただきます。荷物の量によりますが、定員4名まで。(通常、空港からタクシーで$246、市街地からは$191かかりますので私どもにお任せ頂ければお得です)

  • 観光案内(案内オプションはここをクリックしてください)や泊りがけのツアーもお客様のご希望に応じて対応致します。

  • 客室はすべて1階にあります。


– Personalised pick-ups from Auckland Domestic and International Airports (NZ$120) or from Sky City (NZ$100) by Shuttle to our door. Normally a taxi fare from the airports (NZ$246) and from the CBD (NZ$191pp) to our door.

– Special week day or weekend escorted day or overnight tours.

– All guest bedrooms are on the ground floor.

Wineries & other attractions:

The East Coast region of Matakana Wine Country has a selection of small boutique wineries rapidly developing a great reputation for the excellent quality of their unique, estate grown, handcrafted wines. All escorted trips cater to a maximum of four people.




1. Winery trips (suggested time 10.30am~2.30pm): Visit various wineries in the area. Lunch at a winery restaurant (at your own expenses) or picnic lunch prepared by the host ($15 per person). Visit four wineries from this list: Brick Bay Wines & Sculpture Trail, Ascension Wine Estate, Hyperion Wines, Heron’s Flight Wines & Grape Juices, Mahurangi River Winery & Restaurant and Ransom Wines.

Cost:$230 per person.


ワイナリー巡り(例:10時半から2時半)途中のワイナリーでランチを食べる(各自負担)こちらがご用意いたしますピクニックランチ(1人$15)を現地でお召し上がりいただけます。(以下のワイナリーから4つ選んでいただきます。あるいはお任せで。Brick Bay Wines & Sculpture Trail, Ascension Wine Estate, Hyperion Wines, Heron’s Flight Wines & Grape Juices, Mahurangi River Winery & Restaurant, Ransom Wines)



2. Matakana Market, one of the best country markets in Auckland. A chance to purchase local gifts and crafts as well as fresh produce. Morris & James Pottery Tour: Saturday only (9am~1pm) Lunch (at Your own expenses) at Morris & James or at Ascension winery. 

Cost:$180 per person


マタカナマーケット、モリス&ジェームス陶芸ツアー:土曜日のみ(9時から1時)オークランドで一番人気のマタカナマーケットにお連れいたします。現地のお土産や工芸品や新鮮な食材を購入できます。別途個人負担ですが、モリス&ジェームス陶芸かAscension wineryでランチをお召し上がりいただけます。費用:お1人様180(定員なし)


3. East Coast Attraction Tour (Visit local attractions 10.00am~3pm) Visit five locations from the local attractions including wineries, local honey center (free honey tasting), Chocolate Brown (sample handmade chocolate), Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store (tasting award winning local cheeses), Morris & James Pottery and alluring beaches.

Cost:$280 per person




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